Why you call on us to help on regulatory matters

Since the turn of this century, with the advent of the Euro, radical innovations (CDS, digital platforms, aggressive securitization…) and the multiple financial crises our economies have suffered from, the regulatory landscape has changed massively for all players in financial markets. From core infrastructure operators, to different types of companies in capital markets, to institutional players and regulators themselves, there is a need to consider a wide array of complex and interrelated issues in a structured and collected way. That is where the specialists with business acumen Capimvest brings together can play a key role in navigating often unchartered waters.

As our client:

  1. You want to stay on top of your game despite complex regulations.
  2. You seek to keep pace with ever changing regulations.
  3. You want to make compliance with regulations a lever for your organisation to build new business paradigms.

What we do for your organisation

Capimvest’s approach to regulatory compliance is deeply rooted in specialists’ understanding of the actual obligations changed regulations create for players in capital markets. We work through the characteristics of your business to examine how these obligations apply and what course of action makes the most business sense for you as you work to ensure full compliance with what regulators mandate.

We advise and collaborate on:

  1. helping you get a full grasp on all the implications of a constantly changing regulatory landscape.
  2. translating directives and regulations into practical operational compliance.
  3. ensuring changes brought about by new regulatory frameworks fit your organisation’s needs, obligations and business strategy.

How we work for you

Our experienced teams of experts augment your team’s ability to manage changing regulations and to see opportunity in them. We collaborate in the field by leveraging on our research and off-site platform of expertise. To serve your business we’ll be in the field with our agency or with our consulting services.


We provide you with very qualified and experienced experts from
our core team and our close network to support your projects. We ensure a close
monitoring of the contractors performance

Agency services


We advise you on business and operational models or we
accompany your project team and Big 4 generalist consulting firms

Consultancy services

Our roadmap together

Whether you are already a very mature organisation in dealing with regulatory matters or somewhat more challenged and perhaps overwhelmed with the pace and complexity of change, Capimvest stands by to help you do even better and ensure regulatory compliance that makes the best business sense for you.

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