SFTR: more than a reporting obligation

SFTR (Securities Financing Transaction Regulation) is around the corner.

Many think that this regulation is merely an update of the EMIR reporting but this new initiative deserves your full attention.


Indeed, SFTR is reporting based but the implementation of the reporting obligations raises many challenges.

Around 143 information fields will have to be reported (vs 63 for EMIR). While some fields are quite straightforward, this new regulation brings additional requirements that deserve a close look and analysis:use of UTI, LEI but also change in format (ISO 20022).


Beside these reporting elements, the SFTR implementation brings additional challenges: how to ensure data quality? In some cases, collecting the correct information may also be operational issues where automation would be welcome to cope with volume.

Data review, process impacts…but also impacts on existing agreements….

As you do see, SFTR deserves your full attention.


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