Capimvest, a team in a team. We really care about people. We supervise all our consultants. The majority of our consultants have a long standing experience in various functions and a sound business understanding, bringing immediate value to the clients. They all had international exposure, mastering multi-cultural work environments. We all have a sound operational experience : we know your constraints and your challenges. We are pragmatic and truly transparent in our recommendations to a client. And, we are lean and will remain so that you pay the expertise & know-how, not the overheads.

Number of experts per field

Securities collateral/ processing 40
Payments Treasury 36
Derivatives 33
Funds 27
Compliance 35

Number of people per industry

Bank 39
Central Bank 30
CCP 33
CSD 35
Custody 31
Buy Side 30
Sell Side 26
Trade execution 27

Number of experts per functions

Strategy Product 34
Portfolio Project Management 35
PMO Reporting 28
Operations 28
Process Management 33
Business Architectures Integration 23
Business Functional Analysis 36
Testing Migration 28
Business Intelligence & Data Mining 26
Risk Management 25
Legal 30
Trading 25
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