Philippe, managing consultant in enterprise business architecture:

Financial service providers face massive constraints from their intricate legacy processes and systems after years or sometimes decades of incremental enhancements and they need to factor in substantial uncertainties on the technology, regulatory and competitive fronts.

They need to re-engineer their business architectures and internal processes, but strive to align them with their core business strategies, ranging from customer experience to operational efficiencies and internal cost reductions. They obviously cannot afford to disrupt their on-going operations and services.

There is no one-size- fits-all solution, and every approach must take account of the very specific situation of the organisation. We provide support for preparing and executing the changes through a deep understanding of the firms or business lines’ own situation and context, a solid grasp of the financial markets services and infrastructure providers, and strong capabilities to learn, adapt and react to unforeseen changes.

Philippe: “In particular, there are currently numerous initiatives on the regulatory and market infrastructure fronts in Europe (securities depositories, payment systems,…). Some firms may decide to consider those as evolving external constraints and we can help them adapt to the necessary functional and systems architecture modifications. Other firms may appreciate the broader impacts on their business models and we can support them preparing and executing the necessary adjustments to their business architecture and value proposition.”