CAPIMVEST helps your organisation in the following areas:

  • Transformation and digitalization

  • Compliance and Risk Management

  • Smart Data Management

  • Operations and Support

Our key strength is in delivering complex projects, from the scoping with business owners to the effective implementation of solutions. Thanks to our broad experiences, we help our clients to define their approach and the success factors. Beyond, we support them in the project execution with our experts in the field, always eager to share pragmatic ways to solve problems. Disciplined agility being the norm.

To efficiently address the needs of our clients, we rely on Capimvest professionals (e.g. analysts, SMEs, project managers, UX,...) as well as our community of independent senior experts. We are present in several locations (Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Stockholm).

Our clients are among the most reputable and highly regulated firms in Europe. We gained their trust thanks to our dedication, our pragmatism and our cost-effective services.



We value teams and individuals who engage to deliver outstanding results for clients. We see each one of our consultants as a unique and uniquely gifted individual. We do not have resources that happen to be human, but we do have people whose personality and professional drive find a fertile soil in the work we do for clients. 

We see performance of teams fuelled by the combined talents of our people and our client’s people. At the end of the day it is all about bringing expertise and efficiency in operations and risk management, something that is critically dependent on people.

The majority of our consultants have a long standing experience in various functions and a sound business understanding, bringing immediate value to the clients. They all had international exposure, mastering multi-cultural work environments.

We combine the strength of our core team of senior and managing consultants with a community of trusted independent senior experts in various fields. We build teams to help you succeed in your operations and transformations.



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